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    Hoo! Hoo! Hello, dear and honorable guest!
    Hmmm... You must be someone very special for the princess to send you here, but before you can continue your journey, first, let me tell you of what you have come here for...the Tea Club.

    The Tea Club, founded by Princess Maria Penelope Von Doux, is a socializing and roleplaying group that is not just all about tea, fancy cups, and biscuits. It is a group where unique individuals of any age and any race get together to gain new friends, develop their relationships and even build up their own characters. And these will all take place here at the Kingdom of Doux. However, during club meetings, which is tea time (that is all the time), they will be done at the royal library. That's where you can always find me.

    It is filled with marvelous works of art, surrounded by tall Romanesque windows that allow the sunshine to gaze upon the room, beautifully carved pillars made out of gems, and tall crystal shelves consisting of various books. Be cautious though. We have some bookworms who can't help but eat up the pages.

    So now, off you go and look ahead to what awaits you behind the gate!