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    In the middle of the night... the moon illuminated the earth,

    you found yourself in a dark and cold place.

    "Wh-What am I doing here?" You wondered... you didn't know how you got there.

    However, for some reason... something didn't seem right.

    And before you knew it, you began to hear a strange sound.

    You turned your head quickly as you felt like something passed by you.

    It was a...



    It startled you!

    ...making you stumble down a hill...

    ...and land before a strange yet lovely-looking...

    "Why, what a wondrous evening to you, my dear..."

    She surprised you, but also enchanted you with her gentle soothing voice.

    "Where am I?" You asked.

    "Where are you?" She began to laugh. "Oh you silly child. Can't you see? You're in Halloween Town! Now come...

    The fun has just begun."

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