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    Oh... H-Hello there. My name's Stella.
    I guess you guys were wondering... What is Halloween Town?
    When you say the name at first, you guys might have probably thought of...

    ...that 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie about a girl named Marnie who saved Halloween Town, where ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, and other peculiar creatures live, after she learned she was a witch...


    ...The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie about Jack Skellington taking over Christmas.

    ...and to be honest, this place is very close to the two.
    You see, Halloween Town is an inter-dimensional world that only exists during Halloween. Thus, everyday in its existence, it is always Halloween and the skies are forever asleep as its people stay wide awake! Well, most of the time, but they do get to sleep from time to time. But what's different is that this Halloween Town's main treasure is its school -- Hallow Academy, a school for different supernatural creatures and beings who want to hone their talent of what they were born to be--witches, vampires and other ghouls. And after they graduate, they get to go to the human world every Halloween either scaring children, giving candy and simply sharing the Halloween spirit to the world!' yeah. There's not only Christmas Spirit, you know.


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