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  • There was nothing but silence.

    No one was around and it was slowly getting creepier.

    It was cold

    dim. . .



    What was that!?

    There was a rustling sound and the tree beside you started shaking its leaves.

    Then... as soon as the rustling became louder...

    . . .

    You came upon another witch.

    "WHOA! HE-HEY! Hi there! I'm Gwen! I'm part of the--whoa--welcoming committee.
    Uhm--I'm supposed to be giving you some rules in case you haven't seen them yet, but--WHOA!
    I'm kinda busy. My broom's going crazy!
    A-Anyway, here!"

    Gwen tosses you a scroll with the Hallow Academy Seal.

    "Ma-Make sure to follow them." Then Gwen's broom started flying up like crazy, carrying her into the night. "SEE YOUUU SOOOoooonnnnn...!"

    After what happened, you can wonder all you want, but as Gwen flew away, you slowly opened the scroll...

    It read...

    Always follow the RPRepository 'Site and Forum' Rules and Terms!


    Group Rules

    RULE ➊ :
    Follow the Rules.
    Be considerate and follow the rules. They are not that hard.

    RULE ➋ :
    Never limit your creativity.
    So whatever you do, don't ever stop yourself from making the wildest or craziest ideas because it's what makes things so exciting.

    RULE ➌ :
    Be friendly.
    Always be nice to every fellow member. We're not here to create war and chaos.
    Any misbehaving member will be automatically banned/blocked.

    RULE ➍ :
    Please avoid any inappropriate themes.
    You can do anything you want here, but please do limit yourselves from doing unnecessary and inappropriate actions such as a lot of sexuality and violence. Let's keep this group safe for all ages.

    RULE ➎ :
    Just have fun and be yourself.
    We are here to accept each other and who we really are -- to be a part of someone's wildest dreams! So c'mon! Let's go on an adventure!


    Roleplay Rules

    RULE ➊ :
    OOC is OOC and IC is IC.
    Warning. Don't let OOC arguments or relations get in the way of a roleplay. It's way different, so if you're in IC mode, stay in character. No drama here.

    RULE ➋ :
    Don't get too far with romances.
    Romance roleplays are considered but don't get too far (rule 3). We want to keep things conservative for the eyes of the young ones.

    RULE ➌ :
    No erotica.
    Please avoid erotic or sex role plays. This group is not an orgy zone. But some 'fan service' is okay, so if you're gonna do it, move it to DMs (Direct Messaging) please.

    RULE ➍ :
    Be open.
    Be open towards each member/player. If you feel offended, discomfort or if you think something's wrong and you want to suggest something, don't be shy to open up to the group. It's best to share your ideas and let people know of your opinions. It helps improve not only the RP, but the relationship between players.

    RULE ➎ :
    Real life goes first.
    Always take your time to role play because it's not just once in a life time. It can wait, but real life situations can't. We will understand.