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  • Introduction


    This website group serves as a collective intelligence about the Perinyx species as we know it to be. The knowledge is ever changing and upgrading, built by a conglomerate of ideas from a plethora of individuals. Thank you for taking the time to read about our idea! The species itself is still a WIP! So please keep in mind that changes could and will happen but we are trying to lock down on established rules and cultures for them ASAP!

    The two rules to keep in mind:
    Please keep in mind the Perinyx are a closed species, and players must apply to join. There is no application fee or joining fee.

    However, a requirement of admittance is, in order to get your first Perinyx full body art piece, you must go through Atropa Grimm.

    Perinyx are approved to be played in The Tether.

  • Common Q&As

    In regards to the mutations, do they appear gradually through a few Rebirths, or are they born with it? Can mutated parents pass them onto their children?

    Now, some of them might not MANIFEST till maturity - like the excess crystal growths might not break through until they grow antlers, but other than that, the other mutations would have shown since birth - I think thats fair. They'd be born with these mutations and carry them throughout their lives.

    Sorry to slide in another question, are the crystals painful? Do they stay firm and unbroken, or can they be cut/broken off?

    The crystals do have nerves in them, so it can be painful to break them if they are not ready to shed. Now, once a century, they shed the antlers (not exceess growths) and usually happens right before a rebirth. And these antlers can maintain magic energy within them for a time - like a battery.

    Oh also in say desperation would they be able to tap into their soul energy in a pinch and use their element? Say if he was just sun basking for like an hour and then goes indoors is there a time frame that his time in the sun has charged him and so he can still use his powers inside? Or like in a dark hallway? Or at night time? if he took the time to charge himself? Kind of like how solar panels work?

    What I would say is that he would maintain maybe 2 hours of charge when away from a heat source, and that's only if he's using his power very sparingly. Now, in a life or death situation, adrenaline could cause him to tap into his soul energy where he could generate some kind of manipulation skill, but it would be very detrimental to him, and it would take a considerable recovery period, days even, to recuperate physically from the exhaustion, and he'd not fully recover his soul energy until he made it to his rebirth period.