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JoJoApples » Characters

Alea Zylsatra

Female A cursed Elven cleric who is in danger of floating away.

Alf Williams

Male A retired vetren turned florist

Alice Veronica Lafey

Male A teen with a terminal illness

Aliward La Ruse

Male An undead hero brought back by a necromancer

Atria Valgus

Female A sleepy, crabby summoner who is only capable of summoning slimes. She is known as weak and a failure, but even her abilities have use.

Beatrice Merton

Female An assassin turned professer


Female The young Goddess of Klurst. Still a bit naive, and is still learning about her powers and purpose.

Dolly and Lloyd


Don Gappler

Neutrois A young man cursed to travel across time and space.

Elisea Vicino


Elyssa Afton

Female A knightly wanderer

Enda O'Shea

Male A Single Dad who loves his slightly eccentric son so very much.



Faelyn Aefiel

Male An Elven man who protects the forest, no matter the cost.


Female The Guardian of Paris. A young girl who transforms into a magial boy!


Male The wealthy clairvoient with eighth grade syndrome

Hilda North

Female A "Done with life" girl threatened by loansharks and struggling to pay off her mothers debt.

Ira Grimm

Female An innocent half troll, half human girl whos scared of the world


Male A smuggler of supernatural beings.

Karter Kauer

Male A cocky, self indulgent defense attorney

Kira Rose

Female A homeless women trying to feel safe again


Male The Siren Messiah

Leif Rosas

Male an Aura Guardian of the Arkney region

Lena Bryson

Female An emotionally inept genius andrioid maker of a women with unrequited love


Male A sadistic fey who only does things for personal profit...usually.

Lukan Saint Maros

Male A bard traveling the world after being let out of false imprisonment


Male A prisoner of the mafia, forced to stay in the basement of a local cafe.


Male A merman who survived wars, exile, and fire

Marth Vexx

Female A cult leader aiming to destroy Beten-Goddess of Klurst

Martinez DeLiam

Male A sassy, cynical man paralyzed from the waist down

Mina Calico

Female A sweet girl

Mister 'The Silenced' Eight

Male A man with his mouth wired shut. From the wild west.


Male An andriod who's more then just a machine

Nathaniell Blakwell

Male A Cannibalistic Youtuber

Nico Watson

Male A young man with asthma who's blood is a vampires delight

Riley Linden

Female an indie game developer whos garnered a decent fanbase

Sen Hara

Female a japanese idol who's found happiness

Solana Tordove

Female Elven princess with no memories

The Jade Blanket

Unknown A lovely chinese restraunt run by dragons in human form

Val Emerson

Non-binary A blind vampire

Valencia Crowe

Female A candymaking magus

Vance Myers

Male a soldier of the mafia

Vie Upshur

Male A demon with an awful ex





Yulene Marsuryn

Female A blacksmith who is cursed to be an old women

Zaccheus Zebulon Zophar

Male A flirty time god with a love of spicy chicken wings

Zamor Rashed

Male An exotic dancer who despises touch