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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: October 01

I: On the subject of the name

So to explain why I called Badger, someone called me that. Once. And it stuck. That's it. No other reason. Not a fursona, just a random occurance. Like most nicknames really. Although the story of nicknames I have garnered in a fairly short lifespan such as "Fight club", Slagfoot, Red Skeleton, Scuba Steve, and "Sir He who puts out fire with his face" really deserves its own anthology and I'd like to do it justice

II: on the subject on the level of "adult" situations
I'm not going to do sex rps. Romance maybe, but the types of love I usually gravitate for is familial and friendship. Agape, as opposed to Eros for those of you who know your Greek.

III: I do have more than one character, but I generally try to keep them separate entirely by not connecting them to my profile publicly, this separation allows my characters to be themselves and not simply appear as extensions of myself. I do not use this to god mode or have more than one character in an rp without a mod knowing to avoid banning. I use it to separate genre. Besides, the only one of my characters that really reflects my own personality as a whole is James Carmichael anyway. (edit: recently I have decided to add Dominic Sutton and Dominic Connaugh to the list of open characters, mostly to give a better idea to people about the kinds of ideas I tend to gravitate towards.)

IV: A New Hope

V: If people have questions I will answer them here if they wish. For now it is empty and you should ignore it.

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