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az | 18 | they/he/she
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G'day to ye, I'm Azra. You can call me Az, as many do (: Really nice to meet you!!
I've been RPing for... nearly 5 years I think? I don't quite remember, but I know its been quite a while lmao.
I am fond of romance and fantasy genre's, and would generally like to stick to those as they are kind of my comfort-genre's ;^^

Take a look through [this] discord server to see all of my characters and don't be afraid to ask me about them!! I'm really nice, I swear lol.

A little about me

Currently a highschool student in their 12th year(WOO). I went to a career program for Law Enforcement for two years? Though, I am still unsure about my career path ;^^ (I'm a very indecisive person istg)

But, let's get PERSONAL. I have depression, PTSD, and severe anxiety :D While I do take meds for some of it, I try not to let it get in the way of my daily life or RP.

I LOVE the band Ghost. While I'm not completely invested in the 'band lore', I absolutely love their music. I am also an Agnostic Satanist(no i dont worship satan PLEASE do not ask). I am a pretty chill person and while I suffer some extent of religious trauma don't mind discussing my beliefs n stuff civilly :D (also would like to meet more athiests/satanists, though thats not why i am on this site!!)

I am in no fandoms, really, though I do favour a lot of DND related stuff. Ravenloft is my favourite DND world setting by-far(im a sucker for vamps) and I am currently reading Vampire of the Mists as a way of getting more affiliated with the history and setting :D

I love playing DND, even if I have the attention span of a friggin rock. My character, Vali, is actually the brother of my favourite DND character, Dracul(who married Strahd and is the parent to Dracula in my party's lore/games)

I LOVE VAMPIRES. I feel like I should just... get that off of my chest. I hate twilight, but I love vampires. Its like... a whole personality trait. I love talking about them and I love playing them even MORE!! 😤

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