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hello there friend.
I'm Raven.

i left this account for a very long time, but i have returned. i hope i can fix all the things ive happened to leave behind. As in my old friendships.

i'm going to start fresh.

i've rped for a long time now, maybe at the start of 3rd grade. usually verbal, but i've gone to writing since 5th.

i'm currently set to be an author and/or a Graphic Designer. i'm writing two book series at the moment, and i hope my art will be good enough in college!

anywho, enough bout me!

let's RP!~

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Karishi (played by DL909)
This character here, my favorite person to to with :D she is not only the owner of Reginald but i see her as a good friend of mine and I believe she deserves kudos for being a fun person in general - Warwick

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