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Veteran roleplayer. I have been role-playing for over six years. I do tend to slightly prefer long-term roleplay partners but honestly, I don't mind short term. Friendly and bilingual!

Things to know:
    I prefer longer responses, but I can adjust to any length.
    I'm fine with MXM.
    I play exclusively males.
    I don't like to do smut for personal reasons.
    My characters curse. Some more than others.
    I'm honestly okay with just about any genre but I do like the RP to have some sort of action or something to keep it interesting.

Please feel free to message me at any time for RP or just to talk! I try to be very active on here. Also, if we get along well I may draw your character (free of charge) because I'm always open for practice and making other people feel happy. (And yes, I drew my pfp and sell the design as a sticker design)

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JaneofCuba is just a beautiful human being and a marvelous RPer. She’s so enthusiastic and her enthusiasm is just so contagious. She puts a smile on my face and I feel so awesome to have met this wonderful woman! Keep being you JaneofCuba! - 8_Stars_8

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