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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: March 05

Hey there! Call me Kado!

Please note: the art on my character pages is not for use outside of my own. It's either commissions I have paid for or giftart from friends. Or, very rarely, my own artwork. If asked I can point you to the artist. Thank you for understanding.

I love to RP and would love to be more active in doing so again. Here's some things about me:

  • I've been RPing for roughly 16 years (I've honestly lost count). I prefer paragraphs and tend to write in 3rd person past tense. I try to match my partner's length, but sometimes I might get carried away.
  • My favorite type of character to play is the spunky, snarky girl who will knife someone to protect her important people and hides her insecurities behind humor.
  • I'm a fanfic author! Not anyone well known, but it's another one of the things I enjoy. If you're curious PM me and I'll give you some links. *awkward wink*
  • I have SO MANY OCs though, and I know I'll run out of room before they're all up. If you want to ask me about others that aren't up, I'll list fandoms and kids for you.
  • I have smut experience but it's been a while and I'll only RP it with someone 18+ and if our characters have chemistry.
  • I don't have problems with violence unless it's simply violence for the sake of violence. But I dislike excessive gore.
  • I love friendship and romance! Dorks falling in love! Nerds just attempting to get along! My losers attempting to navigate social situations!! Gaining a found family and realizing you would die for them!

Feel free to talk to me IC or OOC. I love meeting new people and talking about characters!!

Fandoms include: Voltron, Saiyuki, Naruto, YuYu Hakusho, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, and others.

Rave Reviews

  • Kado is great! I can't remember the last time we RP'd, but I had a good time and I hope she did, too. Lately she's sent me a bunch of fic recs so I've been catchin up on those. Thanks, Kado!

    She's a friend who's wonderful to throw characters at, so we can cackle at...
    -- Forta-ver
  • Kado is not only an excellent person to role play with, she's also a fantastic writer. If you ever have the chance to read any of her stuff, I promise it's pure gold. She's an awesome person and she's become an incredible friend of mine!
    -- WanderingField

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