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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 27

How would I define myself...well...I would say I am A WOLF! (Metaphorically speaking)

My utmost priority is leadership and kindness. I care about others; often hurting as much as they do when they're having a hard time.

Also, a bit laid back, rather easygoing, and compassionate. A bit unorganized from time to time.

I often worry a little too much over trivial matters, but I will always be around when a friend needs a laugh or an advice~

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Leinad Obtrebla

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Rave Reviews

  • Leinad is pretty consistent and reliable on here, (something I am DEFINITELY not), and always responds to everything in the sphere of his DM work within a few days. Man, you rock.

    Keep doing your thing, the world loves it.
    -- SirMustacheTheGreat
  • Leinad is an RPer with whom I like to speak
    He has a wolfie charrie and his writing is not weak.
    He runs Aavos like a boss
    He'll drown you in awesome sauce
    All in all if you don't play with him it really is your loss.

    Yay poetry.

    Edit: Wait, crap, was that supposed...
    -- HwoThumb

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