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  • Gender: Female

I'm Marionette. You can call me Mari, Pixie, Batty, or... anything you like (people seem to enjoy nicknaming me!). To sum things up, I'll quote a friend: "Pixie lives on two things: Food and RP. Forget breathing and sleep." I am indeed a voracious roleplayer. Outside of RP, hobbies include cooking, writing, gaming, watching cartoons, and collecting stuffed animals. I have a billion cats.

But this is a RP site, so I doubt you care about all that!

Some general preferences:

* I need partners with a decent grasp of the English language. The occasional typo or error is fine. I don't expect you to be perfect. Let's just keep it occasional, yes? ;w;

* My normal style is multiple paragraph, 3rd person, past tense. However, I have no specific length requirements. I prefer that you don't either (asking me for 1-2+ paragraphs is okay, but asking for a larger minimum or defining how many lines/sentences in each bugs me). On Furc or IMs, I tend to write shorter posts and am willing to do shorter RP.

* I'm 20 and quite able to handle adult matter in RP, but it's not something I want all the time. It's up for discussion, though.

* I use AIM, MSN, Furc, and email to RP and will do it on IRC and forums. PM me if interested.

* I have way more characters than I could ever upload (though I'm steadily getting them added xD) and am always making more.


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