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Hello. I am Rekogi. I was brought here by one of my friends and am already in love with this website and there people here. I’m open to pretty much any kind of rp. I’m inexperienced with romance but am pretty good at modern. Maybe you could change that by pm-ing me?

I’m a awkward person at first but once you get to know me I can be really talkative and outgoing. If you happen to want any of my characters in your rp, feel free to message me!! I’ll always answer messages as soon as I can!

Also, if I am role playing with you, please don’t control my character. Like, at all. These are my characters and I’d like to control what they see or do. I’m sure other people would like that too. So, unless you’re with another person’s characters, don’t do that with me. Thanks.

Thanks for taking your time through this bio by me. Uhh have a nice day or night where ever you are!

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I've been rping with Rekogi for quite a while now. I love every reply she gives and it makes me happy! - Agayturd

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