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Henlo fellow person, I am originally know as Melyna.
Most call me Mely, Melu,Mel-Mel.
I am a certain age, and a certain gender.
I am busy allot in life, so if I do not respond to you right away or in a couple of days then I apologize.


I am currently studying to be a musician in the near future.
I do dwell the talent of singing, my dream is to become famous enough to get noticed by few people who can one day look up to me. I would also like to travel the world with my career.


I also like to write as much as I can if I'm not being quite lazy. I believe using your mind and creativity is the key to hoping that dreams might become a reality. I am a Semi-Literate to Literate roleplayer. And yes, I am in a relationship, so none of that would be necissary.


Then there's this game I enjoy playing, although now and then I seem like I'm still a noob on it. League of Legends, EUW. Interesting champions on there if I must say so myself. I can clearly see that these developers are very creative and know what they are doing, obviously.


I am a Moderator on an app called Chatgum, if you know it, then maybe I know you. I've been using it since 2016, but nowadays I just can't seem to rp much as I'm more focused on doing my job.


Chatgum Account: Melyna Ross
League EUW account: Samirah Artemis
Discord: Ask
Quotev: BakaMellow

Feel free to ask anything more in the comments, or to message me yourself.
Thankies. <3

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