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Hey! I'm Bastion! I've been roleplaying since I was 18. I actually prefer small group RPs over 1-on-1 but it's hard to find groups that are active while still small enough I won't be completely overwhelmed when I join. Since I'm currently unemployed due to mental health issues, I'm pretty active, although I have days when I need to focus on recovering.

I absolutely adore cats, most my characters are autistic, and pretty sure my only straight characters are transgender :9 All of my characters are really important and personal to me. They're the main way I interact with others and roleplaying tends to be how I make friendships.

Roleplaying is a really important part of how I cope with my mental disabilities. I can't roleplay with someone if it becomes stressful. However, I value communication immensely and always try to talk to resolve problems before dropping a roleplay.

About Me
Bastion / Bee * 27 * Agender (he/him)
I use 3rd person, semiparagraph style. I average 3-8 sentences although I might write more if I'm excited. My paragraphs are short, 2-5 sentences each. I tend to use this to emphasize important action and stuff in my replies. I use past tense, but for some reason I'll occasionally slip into present tense.
All my characters are LGBT+ in some way, most have a disability (autism most often because me), and I try to make them racially diverse (but I have trouble with research so if you ever feel I'm portraying a race inaccurately/poorly, please let me know so I can correct it!)

NO sexual content of any kind (the most I'll do is a bit of kissing during fluff and a fade to black)
NO relationships between adults and minors or age gaps with young characters (even if the adult is 19 and the minor is 17, or an 21yo dating a 18yo)
NO abuse between muses or even "on-screen" (abuse in the background or happening off-screen by an NPC is fine if it's important for the character)
NO tradegy (heavy/sad /painful moments are fine for character development, as long as they don't dominate the rp)
NO forced romances even if the ship was the whole plot of the roleplay (sometimes a ship doesn't work, using characters with no chemistry in a romantic scenario just leads to an unsatisfying interaction)

Superheroes are my biggest craving right now! I'm really in need of a super-romance right now, but something platonic is just as good. I enjoy superhero battles, just as much as I enjoy simple character interaction in a superworld~
Fantasy always! Pseudo-modern is my favorite kind of fantasy setting. It's fun to think of how the modern age might develop if magic dominated.
Hope and friendship magical girls are my weakness! I am such a sucker for power-of-friendship stories and embracing/empowering femininity! (This includes for magical boys and nonbinaries, I use magical girls as a genre neutral term tbh)
Sci fantasy is good too. I do not know science enough to proper scifi, but I love the whole space and alien settings.
I can get pretty sadistic with horror. I usually play the monster in horror, but I'm also willing to try playing the protagonist.
Naruto is my special interest so chances are I'll be interested in RPing it. I can even play canon characters (as secondary while my main is an OC.)

I'm open to other genres and settings than those listed, these are just the ones I'm most inspired for!

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