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Heya! Welcome to my profile! I don't bite I swear haha~ :D


I'll start with my RP guidelines but you can see more about me at the bottom.


- My post length ranges anywhere between 1-5 paragraphs. I can adapt to your style, but I don't roleplay with anyone that can't consistently write a full paragraph per reply (5-8 sentences). I struggle to write anything beyond 5 paragraphs.

- If our roleplay contains any adult themes you must be at least 18 in real life. If at any time I suspect you might be under 18 (or lie about your age; it's happened before unfortunately), I will leave. I feel very uncomfortable roleplaying anything remotely sexual if my partner isn't an adult.

- I will almost always play male characters. It's a preference of mine~

- Give me at least a week to reply to roleplays. I will let you know if I may take longer to reply to the roleplay if I can, but sometimes I may not. I'm bad with this sometimes, and I apologize in advance if I fail to warn you.*

- I assume a roleplay is dead if I haven't heard anything from you in a month.*

- I don't mind making modifications to my characters in order to fit the roleplay we do! Just as long as they aren't drastic (like changing genders/appearance/personality or something), I can do it. They'll be minor.

*Take the response length with a grain of salt. I understand if it takes you longer to reply, and I definitely wouldn't mind waiting longer! Just as long as you aren't ghosting, it's fine~ I personally challenge myself to try to keep a regular response schedule lol


Irl, I'm a recent college grad that's looking for a real job... Hopefully, lol. The search has been rough, but I'm hanging in there!

I'm a huge gamer and a fan of mostly Nintendo stuff. So Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Zelda, and all that jazz. I'm a total fangirl for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy too. A game I've been playing a lot lately is Monster Hunter on the Switch! I also play a good amount of visual novels, too, if those even count as games... They're more like interactive books in my opinion.

I watch anime sometimes too. The character you keep seeing in my profile is Kirill; he's the protagonist from Double Decker. It's a great cop anime I highly recommend~ The one doing finger guns is Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny. They're made by the same people and I'm a mega fan of both if I wasn't obvious enough~

Anyways, see ya around and thanks for dropping by!


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