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Wassup? The names Amber
Yeah, that's me in my picture
I make lo-fi beats and upload them to Instagram if anyone is interested in that check it out - @ AmbiRadio

Roleplay Info

I have underage characters, no roleplay with them in it will be sexual

I don't really even like romance roleplays anyways, i like more of tough love roleplays. i prefer dark plots / settings. So no softy roleplays, they tend to bore me.

Be detailed please

If you control my characters, make them do something i didn't okay or anything like that. I won't block you but i may not do the role play anymore

Character Info

Akia Is mainly used to be the daughter of some villain cannon characters. I have some of the father's for her listed in her page, but there can be different for each roleplay idea we come up with. Even if you have an OC you wanna use, that will be good too. As long as we both agree with the plot

Alvar Is a girl slave. I use her mainly for slave role plays (Non-sexual)

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She's a great person. and an awesome friend - Deannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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  • ShareYoLean gave Deannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kudos:
    Dean was always a good friend and nice. I am so sad you had to leave my school, I wish we still had a way to comunicate cause I really miss you. I hope everything is good over there buddy :)
    (About 4 weeks 1 day ago)