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  • Gender: Agender
  • Age: 29

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Thank you for coming to my page. I'm really glad to RP and such with just about anyone! Just please know that I have a few rules, outside of those stated on my character pages:
  1. You must own the art on your character pages; or, they must be taken from sources that are clearly stated as free use; additionally, linking to sources, whether you own the art or free use, is strongly encouraged.
  2. I do not RP with canon characters.
  3. I only RP in two canon settings - Pokemon and WoW (H-WrA) - but will lightly brush up against more generic fantasy settings such as D&D; please note however that my characters will not conform to these settings.
  4. Please don't send me a friend request without also sending a message. I'll decline it. It just kinda weirds me out??
  5. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not interact with me. Sorry.

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