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Taken: by my fiance, she the love of my life
Relationship type:I'm the Dominat but I'm very gentle,so if I am demandin thats why.
Thing i do:i do all types of rp with only one limt,dirty(thats for my babygirl only),feel free to ask anytime,im always up for new ideas
Does:feel free to ask to rp anytime,dont be afraid to ask me questions,if any fellow Doms out there need help with ideas for you and your sub im here to help ya with ideas.
Don'ts:don't screw around with my girl or else(trust me im crazy),never try to force me into a dirty rp,don't even try to smack talk me

Message for my sub:Love you babygirl,hope your being good for papi,make sure to wear your collar.

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