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Hello there. My name is TheFoxyDemon :) The origin of my username stems from one of my OCs which is a fox-demon hybrid. (I love foxes too)

About me:
    I am a part-time RPer, gamer, and story writer. I do like learning about new OCs and stories revolving around their universes. I am very friendly and open for messaging if you ever want to RP with any of my characters. Or if you just want someone to talk to, I am also open to that too. ^^

Also, I do take care of a white fluffy rabbit at home and have a part-time job so bear with me if there are delays to RP replies.

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RP Requirements?
    I do prefer at least one paragraph minimum. No maximum. I love to read so type away.
    I am mostly into action/adventure RPs to fantasy. Horror is good once in a while. I like putting romance to a minimum. It is fine for it to be a trait as long as it isn't the main focus.
    I do strive for long term.

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