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  • Gender: Male

Hey everyone, welcome to my profile! Im a very avid fandom roleplayer, and i generally have a good list of them, so here it is
Harry Potter
My Hero Academia
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Legend of Zelda (preferablly breath of the wild)
These next fandoms are ones i dont know much about, but try anyways
Persona 5
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Fire Emblem: Fates

Thanks for sparing the time to read my profile!
Hit me up if you wanna rp

Schedule: replies will be on and off, currently in school and work and life is taking its toll on me

One more thing- I am implementing a new ghosting system. I will give you two chances, and after the third chance I will delete the chat for good

First time- I will give 10 days to wait

Second time- I will give 5 days

And I know you might be busy, and if that's the case, I won't hold it against you, but ignore is uncalled for, I will delete it

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  • I know I just started an RP with Ultra, but this is the first and only Harry Potter one that I have done. I hope others would want to RP with Ultra also. Thank you because you have made me really happy that I found something like this. Your a very nice person to RP with.
    -- Dark_Cupid

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