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he/they/she/whatever you wanna call me

Hello guys, I have no idea how to write a bio but this is an attempt.
I'm a dork who likes drawing, writing stories, classical music, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. With rps i'll typically do fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, or anything of the sort, though if you have ideas of other things I'd be happy to try them out. I'm ok with references to y'know but I'd prefer if it was only a "fade to black scene" since I'm not comfortable with actually rping it. I'm a big fan of aliens, though I adore a lot of classical or mythical creatures too. When rping, if we ever need a break, I'm fine with just talking for a bit, perhaps even goofing off a bit and being dorks.

I tend to write at least a paragraph and I usually don't take too long to respond (a day or two).

-In advance-
If I don't reply for a while it's usually because I'm either overthinking it, getting anxious about saying the wrong thing, or I don't have enough to go with. If I do end up doing any of the first two things, please forgive me, I have a tendency to get really anxious when talking to people and I often second guess myself or assume I've done something wrong. Know that it's not your fault and it's just my silly mind getting the better of me. Or it might just be that school and stuff are getting in the way, if so, when I get back, I'll make sure to say.

Now that that's out of the way, I hope to have a great time rping with you and I hope you have just as great of a time as I do.

Have a wonderful day everyone :3

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