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  • Gender: Female


"Flower gleam and glow..
Let your powers shine.
Make the clock reverse;
Bring back what once was mine.
Heal what has been hurt...
Change the fate's design.
Save what has been lost.
Bring back what once was mine...
What once was mine..."

(Currently working on my world!)

Before I begin, if my profile ever says that I'm "currently online" well, just because it says I'm online may not actually mean that I'm online. :P

Heya whoever's reading my profile! I'm YumeAiri, but you can call me Yume or Airi! :3


First things first, I usually roleplay in a fantasy genre, if you can tell from my characters... :P

SECOND! Roleplay is my only life, because I don't really have a real life.. Le cri.

Third of all... Uh... UHHH...
My time zone is Pacific, if you're wondering for.. some... reason..


When I start roleplaying, I usually type out maybe a somewhat long-ish post in. But, as I go on, I begin to type less and less, because I run out of details to type out, so deal with it.

This is also the same when I end up interacting with characters that aren't my own lol

And, I dunno what else to type, so yea..

Bai :p

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