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Hey, I'm pretty new to the whole RP thing all I've done before this was D&D and Pathfinder. currently, I work at Walmart (I know glamorous) but I always had a deep love for stories mainly fantasy but I'm really up for anything. if you want to friend me sure I could use some friends on here.

Will currently not have internet until farther notice. It will be for about a month.

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Morgan Tavvish (played by gambit)
Smashing attempt! Love what you did with just a basic race description. - ChapterBillion
To say Gambit is a piece of treasure is an understatement, He is a fantastic roleplayer who constantly brings his stories and characters to life. I have had nothing but a blast with this guy and if you have the chance to roleplay with him I say go for it. - Lady-Angiris

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  • Lady-Angiris gave gambit kudos:
    Gambi has given me one amazing story after another, He is a very creative, intuitive and transformative person. Rping with him has helped me grow as both a person and a writer. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    1 month ago
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  • Monroe Cullens (played by gambit) has added 2 new gallery images:
    The axe was gifted to Monroe, by Silvya, Goddess of the hunt. In her name he removes the monsters of this world. Guild Master of the Dreadline. The greatest Vampire/Werewolf slayer guild in the land.2 months ago