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At The Keys
Even if it says I'm AFK in my description, it's possible that I am still able to respond because I'm at my computer, working. My apologies that it's something of a guessing game, but it's either that or continually misleading passers-by that I'm paying attention to the game when it's really minimized in my taskbar.

I've seen the various trends in roleplay styles around here, and I think proper use of the written language and articulacy are a better indication of writing skill than pages upon pages of dull mental commentary, flowery purple prose, dropping articles and pronouns, and thesaurus abuse. Whether you're writing two lines or ten pages each turn, I'll work on matching it.

You've already read the same tired old rules on fifty million other character websites. If you believe auto-hitting or reacting to my character's actions on a personal level is appropriate, you don't care about rules anyway. So here's all I want you to do: have fun and be creative! That's what we're doing here, right? Please let me know if you're not having fun, and we can work together to fix it or go our separate ways.

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend nounbeast!

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