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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: August 27

so uh, hi there! you can call me Potato. i'm a beginner here but i hope we can get along!! :)

status: [bi'm gonna be a lil inactive, due to school and personal life ;~;[/b]

my alignment: qVOerbA.png

I follow this timezone: GMT+8 or Philippine Standard Time. :3

here are some of my likes!
hugs, hot chocolate, tea, cats, dogs, gummy candy, sweet things, anime, puns, seeing people happy and more!

here are some of my dislikes!
spiders (i have a big big big fear of them smh), being left alone for a long long while, bitter food, inconsiderate people, nuts, etc.

here is a list of some of the fandoms i am a part of:
    Miraculous Ladybug
    Sally Face (as you can tell from my profile pic, haha!)
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe
    The End of The ****ing World
    Attack on Titan

more info TBA! ^_^

Rave Reviews

  • RPing with her is great. Love her use of words and can carry a story well. Awesome person in general and is very fun! Looking forward to continuing my RP with her uwu
    -- ahymahy
  • I haven't been RPing with this person for very long, but I can already see that her posts are well-written, interesting, and detailed. Her characters are interesting and she seems quite flexible and quick to respond. I'm sure anyone could work a plot out with her... and you'd be happy you did. :)
    -- Hollyfrost

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