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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: July 03

i should mention i have no clue what im doing

status: hiatus i think?
inspiration's gone; stress reigns supreme

And must we own thee, but a name,
And from thy hall of clouds descend?
Nor find a Sylph in every dame,
A Pylades in every friend?

what's up? my name's mel.
nice to meet you.

i've been rping for just almost three years (this was written mid sept. 2k19) so i promise my grammar is better than this

Also, yeah, I'm on this trash hole as the one and only Reno Hughes because I'm too lazy to conclude her story, so if you know me, hmu bb

another thing: i also have a group on here! it's called Carpe Asinum. it's for folks from said trash hole, and we're always accepting applications.

i also have another group called Aeromore, which is currently under construction, so no applications are going to be accepted until we make considerate progress. feel free to check out the person I'm working with on this project, Dorian. i love her.

except i'm not really writing much these days
so i guess this bit's redundant

• Grammar is so important, so please try.
• No asterisks. Period.
• Third-person is preferable, but not absolutely necessary.
• No one-liners. Length of replies will always be flexible, but I usually prefer not to stray too far from that. (Usually it's 1-3 paragraphs.)
• Please try to advance the plot. (Think: "Yes, and...")
• I do not RP with canon characters.

My name written in C'ërod by Demi.

My name written in Toli by Magnus.

"Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang'd like a dog."
–A Badass (Anne Bonney)xxxx


"Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of."
–Sarah Orne Jewettxxxx

Purple Phoenix, Wand of Epicness x2 (x2 used), Masquerade Mask, a red rose, yellow roses, Enchanted Silk Cloak, Autumn leaf, Oil of Epicness (used), a white rose, Magical Box of Chocolates (used), a black rose, and a stargazer lily from Dorian. you spoil me, bro. <3

Rave Reviews

  • Starting with the disclaimer that Mel has become my friend and she was the one to introduce me to RPR, for which I am forever grateful, Mel is a wonderful writer, fun, creative and playful. I love writing with her and creating Aeromore together is a blast! If you...
    -- DorianM
  • Mel is one of those people who is very easily describable as 'ahead of her time'. I mean that. She writes incredibly well, and being where she is in life at the moment, I can only imagine the wondrous possibilities in her future. I feel very blessed to know Mel, and...
    -- Demilicious

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