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MEL | ♀ | 16 | (I/E)NFP | SLYTHERIN

i should mention i have no clue what i’m doing
well, okay, i have some semblance of a clue

current status:
doin' some art. some other stuff too.

Hi, again. My name is Mel. Welcome to my profile page! Immediately below you can find a little more about me and just past that is all the roleplaying info and such.

(a little more) about me
Hi. (For the third time.)

You already know this, but my name is Mel. It’s short for Melena, which is the Slovenian version of Melanie, I think. I’m a high school student with a penchant for theater and history, and I really hate writing about myself (self-inserts? I could never) so this is kinda really hard.

Specifically, concerning theater, I am primarily an actor and playwright, but I have also done directing, stage combat choreography, design, and other tech things. One of the things I pride myself on is being able to know what it’s like to work on the different aspects of a production; inter-position (??) hate is just really not it for me. Also, I’m currently rehearsing for the world premiere of a play at a professional theater (ö) and it’s literally the coolest thing ever, but it also makes me really busy. Also also, I love to talk about theater! I may not be super hip on whatever’s going on on Broadway, but my PMs are still open!! Also also also, Click here to read two ten-minute scripts I’ve written. If you want.

I currently identify as someone in between bisexual and straight. In middle school, I thought I was pan or ace, and I was super into pride and everything. I dunno what changed, but I’m kinda just floating right now? I’ve never dated anyone, so I just don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care. It’s not really super high on any of my to-do lists, so I just let it be.

Also, I’m really stressed out. Like, all the time. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, but I’m currently taking four AP classes (high school college courses) and it’s a lot with everything I do outside of school, so RPing has been really hard for me for the past year. I kinda also have a really bad work ethic, but hopefully, in the coming months, I can find time to actually RP because it’s something I love doing and miss doing dearly.

this is gonna be about aeromore hehe
cause it needs to be bigger otherwise this flow is gonna look so weird
and i do not want that.

”Jack of all trades, master of none
but better a jack than a master of one.”


I’ll most likely expand this section as things come to mind, but this is what I have so far.

roleplaying preferences
→ Third-person is preferable, but not absolutely necessary.
→ Please try to advance the plot. (Think: "Yes, and...")
→ Stated below, but I try to aim for 1-3 reasonably-sized paragraphs, but it’s flexible.
→ I do not tolerate bigotry (homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, etc.) from my partners.

roleplay limits
→ Good grammar is a must. I don’t really care if there’s a couple typos here or there or there’s a misplaced comma; whatever. But it’s harder for me to read and get into an RP if I have to work to understand what my partner means.
→ I don’t RP with asterisks. Period.
→ No one-liners. Length of replies will always be flexible, but I usually prefer not to stray too far from that. (Usually it's 1-3 paragraphs.)
→ I do not RP with canon characters. Canon universes are a toss-up, so talk to me first.

Okay, I know ghosting is generally bad and you could discuss this for hours, but I started RPing in a community where pretty much every RP ended with someone ghosting the other, so it’s just kind of what I’m used to. The only difference is that you would still see that person around and you would eventually start another one up with them. So my kind of policy on ghosting is: whatever, but talk to me, please.

and have a wonderful day!
secret message. disregard if you're not jack.

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