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Other "Apologies. My lexicon is incomplete. I will need some time to adapt a dialect profile for our conversation."


Female The infestation grips the ship more and more every day, I need a hero.

Nikita Riot

Female "I can hear it you know... The voice inside you, the one scratching at the walls of your sanity. You pretend it's not there, but one day you'll hear it too..."


Female I can't remember who I used to be, not even my name... but then, I guess it's not my name anymore. The girl I came from... I'll never be her again, I never was to start with.


Female She was fine with a quiet life of worship, never wanting more than she was given. But she never knew what was withheld from her.


Female The living can't pass the gates of Hell, but we already walk amongst the dead... Let's walk the path... let's raze Hell together