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AU Blaidd the Half Wolf

Cisgender Man "I am no one. I am simply a shadow."


Cisgender Man TH3 3DG13ST W0LF 4L1V3!!!


Cisgender Male A cuddly autistic itty bitty kitty with a love of fun and high fantasy

Mine Laru

Cisgender Man A cold popstar who also does work on machines on the side. He's also a shark.

Mine Laru Query

Cisgender Man Immature dragon man that sings.

Other Characters

Unknown A way for me to have INFINITE CHARACTERS MWAHAHAHA


Cisgender Male The silliest wolf on the internet!

Shachikoba Hachiya

Cisgender Man Uncle Orca

Tsukune Rabi

Cisgender Man "Huh? Pop idol? No, no, you must be mistaken. I stopped that years ago."