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Arctos Soundcake

Cisgender Male "H-Hello? Is this uh... Is this Vocatone?... No?... Uhm... I'm sorry..."

AU Blaidd the Half Wolf

Cisgender Man "I am no one. I am simply a shadow."


Cisgender Man TH3 3DG13ST W0LF 4L1V3!!!

Cole and Axel

Cisgender Male Overworked father, young son who makes him happy.

F-Live - Lacan and Fila

Cisgender Man The two oldest members of the furry idol group F-Live!


Cisgender Male A cuddly autistic kitty with a love of fun and high fantasy

Mine Laru

Cisgender Man "An equivalent exchange, perhaps?"

Mine Laru Query

Cisgender Man Immature dragon man that sings.

Other Characters

Unknown A way for me to have INFINITE CHARACTERS MWAHAHAHA


Male The most thieving plush ever


Cisgender Male The silliest wolf on the internet!