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TheIntellect » Characters

Alistair Felstead

Male A disciple on a mission bestowed by his patron deity.

Artyom Dubonte

Male Shrewd and cold business man, what he is working towards is unclear.

Evangelyne Anaxagoras

Androgynous A strange person who once worshipped a god that misled its people. Now they follow a new mysterious creed.

Ezekiel Prestman

Male A man of lost religion

Gordon Dekker

Male The leader of an elite undercover field squad deployed by a shrewd and cold businessman

Laurence Rachitz

Male The groundskeeper of a peculiar charm school, he keeps his head down.


Unknown A remnant of a fallen God, seeking to become what it once was.

Malexis Miyatosh

Female A black-hat hacker who prefers alone time.

Matthias Ahbravidei

Male A private man seeking answers to his origins, yet still attempting to enjoy the existence he was mysteriously given.

Sorin Verna

Male A captain of villainy with a creed for power. Will he ultimately succumb to his desires, or will his course be deflected?