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Gilamex » Characters

Edison Perry Harper

Male A butler mutt who is happy to serve you. Known to work for many royal families in the past.


Female A psychotic and sadistic imp girl set on finding her old creator, a crazed grin on her face the whole way.

Jet Kiersten

Female A geeky gamer girl sheep from the planet Kulexiflager.


Male A wizardly bunny who develops potions from a quiet town for sale in a busy city.

Mystic Quartz

Two-spirit A mystic being split in two, must now find a way to get back together.

Primorta Elaris

Female An assassin from a huge city, she spends her time clearing her contracts and keeping to herself.

Svette Ferrón

Cisgender Man

Sydian Direspark

Male Monsters that seem scary might have more to them than they appear...