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Queen_Knight » Characters

Azizah The Sorceress

Female The Sorceress from the East looking for her missing brother

Brina The Iron Ox

Female The Iron Ox Of The North.


Female "One day I will become a hero!"


Female "I am storm that is approaching"

Deep Space Heroine



Female Woman who's searching for her destiny

Dungeon Master

Female A cruel dungeon master, but gentle lover.


Female The succubus who decided to start a new life among mortals


Female An outlaw running away from the law.

False Savior

Hermaphrodite An Outcast angel who wants the World and everything in it

Francesca H. Diver

Female "Heaven Or Hell? Oh well...."

Grimina Bram

Female A noble woman who risked everything to keep her lavish life full of pleasure


Female Banished from her own home now she seeks revenge against her own father.

Handa Shizuko

Female A shy girl who became villain of her own story.


Female "Names Jitterz, adventurer, explorer, and inventor. If ya got coin, you got my attention."

Kazaarah The Mad

Female Woman driven mad by a cosmic horror


Female A highborn elven girl forced to live a mysarable life of common wench

Lacrima Balaur

Female Girl who's life was taken away trying to live again

Last Sin

Female A young woman who escaped hell to start a new life

Luca De Banasiewicz

Female A hermit painter who wishes to experience advenute

Miriam Of Flames

Female Oh my... You dare to approach me?

Mona The Valiant

Female A woman who dedicated her life to protect others


Female Dragon trying to make a living in modern day


Female A girl who dreams to become famous adventurer

One Thousand Flowers

Female A wandering berserker who's only goal in life is to die in battlefield.

Princess Rula

Female A princess dedicated her life to find person who cursed her

Queen Knight

Female The Fiery Holy Queen.

Revy The Iron Hound

Female An ex soldier who found new reason to live.


Female A girl who fell from the sky


Female Ex Dark Lord who was humiliated and demoted to normal adventurer.

Sophia Of The Geistburg

Female "I...I will save us all!"

Stephanie Freewing

Female A young woman who escaped evil cult


Hermaphrodite "Come dream with me~"

The Good Doctor

Male A man who lost everything to the plague, searching for new purpose to live

The Priestess Of Light

Female An elven woman who dedicated her life to Goddess Of Light.

White Snake

Daughter following her mothers heroic path.

Wild Child

Female Spoiled brat who ended up tangled in her own web of lies.