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Terel » Characters

Captain Irah Anteres

Male Captain of the Lapis Lazuli Dawn, this pirate and smuggler is a terror to any merchant he sets his eyes on.

Cell Theta

Other A group of monster hunters part of an ancient secret organisation that protects Humanity from the supernatural


Male An Ancient Egyptian General, fresh from the wars to liberate Egypt from the Hyksos

Lyra Calendil


Nariel Nihr'Auna Amaar

Female A former noble of a kingdom destroyed by war, now she is another wandering refugee, seeking a home for her people.

Nathaniel Tynian

Male A former prince, his land conquered and people enslaved and in danger of extinction, he wanders hither thither in search of the woman he loved and lost and perhaps a way to free his homeland.

Oiche Sionnach

Male A forest spirit or deity, a faerie of the Unseelie Court, whatever he is this trickster and shape-shifter revels in mockery, trickery and wit.

Tara Ilendi

Female A thousand-year-old alien academic who travels the galaxy to study other cultures, Tara's curiosity is greater even than that of the felines she resembles

The Oracle

Female An ancient prescient whose motives and goals are as enigmatic as her origins. Rumoured to be a powerful magic-user, though no one in living memory has witnessed her use magic.

Wren Tain

Female A former pilot in the Stellar Navy, she now works as a freelancer, taking her beloved modified fighter with her.