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Zephyrezz » Characters

Andrew Kingston

Male Always getting into trouble when drunk, at least this fire mage can say he never starts it! Maybe?

Chris Ryder

Female Left in an alley as a baby, this angel-mage hybrid grew up causing trouble everywhere she goes with her curiosity. And maybe a little magic.

David Juliard

Male At eight years old, David is a prodigy. His magic is greater than most adults, but he has one big problem. David has no street smarts at all.

Elizabeth Monroe

Female Who needs real limbs to fight demons? Certainly not this 'gal.

Jacquelynn Hartsfield

Female A bounty hunter with a kick, Jacquelynn is willing to go to extremes to catch her targets. Just don't expect her to be in a good mood if it takes too long.

Jasmine Grey

Female A little witch always getting into trouble, Jasmine is looking for her next great adventure.

Jessebelle McLellan - WIP

Female Heaven to kill, Hell to tame. Born of light and dark, this one girl is constantly fighting with herself for control over her own body. Lets just hope she doesn't destroy herself in the process.

Roshi Varkas

Female Next in line for her kingdoms throne, Roshi wants to go on as many adventures as she can before becoming Queen.

Rylee Kriton

Female Treated as an outcast, this mermaid made her way to the surface in hopes of starting a better life. Unfortunately, living on land is harder than in water.

Storm Herdale

Female A feisty young witch with a minor case of depression.

Theo Akecheta

Male Alpha to his pack of misfit shifters, this Bear has vowed to take in any shifter that doesn't fit in.

Vincent Yates

Male If you want your drink served with a smile, go find somebody else. This cursed werewolf has an attitude problem with everyone, except for the guy in the mirror.

Zoeandria King

Female Daughter of Poseidon and Maria King, this teen has to deal with ADHD, Dyslexia, and did I mention monsters?