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Kudos for kon_peito

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • I still stand by my previous statement. I adore kon's writing and characters, and simply can't get enough at all. Fun to talk to OOC as well. <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - StaticNightmares

  • Kon is an excellent person to be around. She doesn't mind my dead meme-ness and definitely has a sense of humour. We've just started a fluffy romance RP, and eight messages in and I've already got butterflies. All In all, you NEED to know this person, :3 - StaticNightmares