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Ecksel's Games


  • Basic Info

    • Name: Ecksel
    • Player: Kahmical
    • Gender: Male
    • Species: Half elf (unknown) half Olmeid, an ethnic group of human from the islands Olmeid-Llopek
    • Age: 64
    • Height: 5'5"
    • Weight: 115 pounds
    • Orientation: Homosexual
    • Handedness: left
  • Gallery

    A lot of this stuff is in progress I guess.

  • Elf? Olmeid?

    Half elf:
    Ecksel is part Sun elf so obviously he has some perks.
    He can live longer and look younger. He ages 1 year for every 2.5 years. He has low light vision, although limited. He has a natural affinity for magic. How ever he has a very thin build, almost fragile and lacks in strength.

    Olmeid is a made up race of humans from a land that is heavily based on Polynesia with some mesoamerica. He does not get very many perks from this. So far the only perks he seems to get is that he does not often get sunburns. These races of humans for hundreds of years have developed a knack for thievery so he has thin fingers and is rather dexterous with them. He is also pretty quick on his feet, although he only seems to be quick when something or someone is chasing him. He also has very, very basic knowledge of slight of hand, and lock picking. However the islanders lack immunities from being so isolated from the outside world, so Ecksel has a very weak immune system. The common cold would knock him out for weeks and influenza will nearly kill him.

    Tropes! So you too can waste four hours.
    Magicians are Wizards
    I just Want to Have Friends
    Hereditary Curse
    Power incontience
  • Afflictions

    His right ear is cropped and nearly missing. It seems like it was cut half way.
    On his left calf, he has faint scars as if he was mauled by a dog.
    He has one on his.. Erm.. Let me just say that he managed to piss off a fae woman with throwing daggers and very good aim. One burn scar across his back, spanning across his shoulder blades and half way down his back. Several small and barely noticeable ones here and there.
    His left ring finger is partially missing.

    Ho`ino Da Aerys (See abilities section.)
    Fear of dogs
    Fear of scissors
    Fear of grounds. (Not to be confused with heights. It's the grounds that kills you.)
    Recovering from Alcoholism
    Anxiety disorder
    Little to memory of who he really is or what he can do.
  • Clothing and inventory

    Two pairs of tunics, one white and one brown. Two pairs of trousers, one black and one brown. Two coats, one blue with long sleeves, heavier and is lined with brown fur. The second is very new, bright red with very large sleeves to hide things in. He also has a tattered red Pareo wrapped around his waist that goes down his knees. It is dingy and faded, and is practically the only piece of clothing he has. Aside from that he has a couple of bags attached to a leather string tied around his waist.

    A glass bauble about two inches in diameter that contains him memories and acts "worry stone" that calms him. He has this set into Setti his weapon.
    three decks of enchanted cards to repair themselves when ever they are damaged. They are also enchanted so that they are marked and easy to find or identify for him.
    One Handkerchief.
    One bag of small pebbles and stones.
    Cloth tied together
    one set of clothing.
    one loose leaf journal.
    One sachet decorated with runes and filled with things! -This actually protects ecksel from being scryed upon or tracked down by demons.

    One weapon appears as a piece of jewlery. It looks like a black snake armlet that is coiled around his left arm. With this weapon, he can form it into any weapon or armor he desires. However, he is limited to only a spear and dagger. (For those are the only ones he knows how to use.) He can concentrate (He must prep [1/1] for dagger or knife and [2/2] for spear.)on this weapon to get a weapon sharper or harder but because he doesn't quite fully understand it or how to use it, he has only ever made it hard as brittle obsidian. He does however know how to make it extend to a point. Mostly about six feet long at the maximum. (Again I need to prep it.)The weapon is called Setti and was a gift to him from a friend whom he does not remember and is soul bound to him. If the weapon is taken from him, it become a useless black gooey substance and on occasion comes to him when he calls it. Some of the times. As of now he is unaware of it as a weapon but sees it as a piece of jewelry that is literally attached to him.

    (I wish I could give a more epic story or background to how he acquired this weapon, but sadly that is exactly how he acquired Setti.)
  • Detailed appearence

    This short half elf seemed to be mostly harmless. He was only five and a half feet tall, but the way he walked around with his shoulders slouched he would appear a lot shorter. He had a dark tanned complexion, close to a cool bronze color that seemed fairly natural. He had straight black hair that went down to his ankles and were kept in a neat braid. His hair usually hung over his hazel eyes that were mostly brown with bright green centers. The half elf's hair also hid his right ear that was cropped about half way, but his left ear was unusually long for a half elf and stuck out. His eyebrows were a little on the bushy side and his face was a little gaunt. His build was slender and he looked fairly bony. He had little to no upper body strength, but he had better built legs. Perfect for running off in fear. Curently he was wearing a bright red long coat, a white tunic that had many repairs made to it and black pants.
  • Bad Personality

    In short, Ecksel used to be a jerk. Well, actually he still is a jerk but his jerkiness faded away when he decided to transfer almost all of his memories into a shiny glass bauble. For him it was a new start. The painful memories would no longer burden him or make him terrified of interacting with other people. However some of his personality quirks remained. He still feels very uneasy approaching people and even worse in a crowd. He still has a fear of people in positions of authority and nobility. The half elf is prone to bouts of depression or sadness for he is unsure of himself and terrified of messing things up. He also still has a very hard time relating to other people empathizing with others. Overall, he has a deep seeded self loathing that he can't seem to get rid of or explain. Ecksel will for the most part will say exactly whats on his mind even if it insults people or snap at anyone when he gets too frustrated. For the most part he has been trying to improve as well as hide his sadness. Due to people always complaining about how much of a downer he is, he learned to hold it inside and pretend to smile or act as any other normal person without problems no matter how he really feels.
  • Chaotic Aura?

    Strangely enough, this half elf has a double Aura. The first layer is his "Chaotic Aura" The first clue some that there's something supernatutually wrong with the half elf. It consist of bright colors and changes constantly. It also arcs to people that he likes and away from people he loathes. At times when he is stresed, small things with in three feet of him can get flung about wildly. Sometimes the colors will reflect the elements or magical energies around it. (I.E. When near water elemental things, it turns blue-green.) Also, this "aura' has a way of reacting with sound. When he is agitated, either with fear, or anger it begins to vibrate, messing with sound. Resulting in a very annoying and very faint ringing noise. this can act as a warning to some to back off, away or help the half elf to clam down.

    Underneath that is a perfectly "normal" aura often consisting of muddied reds and patches of sulfuric yellow. For more info, please see abilities.