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  • There are 2 packs

    Moon shine pack
    Golden Lake Pack

    the 'Moon shine pack' is set in the Forrest where the is rich livestock. the base den is a cave higher then the rest of the dens around which are either burrows or underneath trees. the 'moon shine pack' has a territory of approx 60 square miles. they are not friendly with the other pack which leads to fights but not war the other pack should not cross the territory ( but if they want to they can, may get in trouble with their alpha though)

    the 'golden lake pack' has a richer land then the 'moon shine pack' which they are thankful for but recently due to conditions in the pack there livestock has been reducing dramatically leaving them no choice to cross the boundaries. there pack is located also in the Forrest. there pack land are also approx 60 square miles. but they have a luxury waterfall on the territory. and and many hide outs