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On the website "Archive of our own" they have an extremely helpful feature where you can click a button at the top of each story called "Entire Work"

This button picks the story / forum post (which expands into several pages or chapters) and allows you to view the whole of it as a very long single web page

This long single page you can download as PDF to be able to store / backup roleplayed stories or character journals etc

Could something like that be implemented here?
I've also seen this on PHPBB forums. I'd really love this feature, because the alternative so far is tediously copying and pasting a 1000+ post PM chain.


Character journals can already be exported. From the main edit screen, just select
Print [Name]'s Character Sheet
And make sure "Include Journal/Adventure Log Entries" is checked on the next page
This used to crash people's browsers something awful, when we tried to show 2000 posts on the same page.

But, times have moved on - this is definitely something I'm re-investigating.