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  • Australia
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy
  • Pokemon and TF2
  • OCs
  • Multipara
  • Freeform or Dice Usage
  • Pretty Uncool
  • If you want to chat, I suggest joining the RPR Unofficial Discord Server
  • Sorry! I'm not looking for new RPs at the moment.
  • My icon was created by Pikaole

Rave Reviews

Barame Iida (played by Claine)
:D This is a great character because he seems proportioned in the right areas! - Krissy
Claine is a kind person I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has provided advice for me when I was down and also was so kind as to do an art trade with me! She is a great artist improving with every drawing and you should definitely check out her awesome characters! - InquisitorCat

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