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  • Australia
  • Human
  • Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy
  • Sega's Yakuza
  • Terrible Taste in Music
  • OCs
  • Multipara
  • Freeform or Dice Usage
  • Pretty Uncool
  • If you want to chat, I suggest joining the RPR Unofficial Discord Server
  • I am not currently looking for new RPs
  • My icon was created by Auberon

Rave Reviews

Although I've only known her a short time (read: a few months), Claine is still a fun person to talk to and so nice to everybuddy. <3 - Copper_Dragon
It's been so long and you're still one of my good friends !! Hard to imagine we came from a very... interesting... fandom but honestly it's well worth it to have met you !! Writing with you is a pleasure and you're super fun to talk to! Can't wait to steal your cats - synnie

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