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  • Australia
  • Human
  • Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy
  • Sega's Yakuza
  • Terrible Taste in Music
  • OCs
  • Multipara
  • Freeform or Dice Usage
  • Pretty Uncool
  • If you want to chat, I suggest joining the RPR Unofficial Discord Server
  • I am not currently looking for new RPs
  • My icon was created by Auberon

Rave Reviews

Claine is a really big inspiration for me as an artist in general. I adore her art so, so much. We've also gotten to know each other a lot the last year, and I really enjoy chatting with Claine. Not to mention she's a mod now! How awesome, I am so happy and delighted. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - MercyInReach
I've talked about how great Claine is in an earlier kudos, as well as her amazing art talent...But now I want to sing praises about her characters! It's not often that I come across someone's roster where I see so many characters and wish I was as cool as so many of them! I get giddy when any of her chars pop up on my feed with new art and then I sit there, envious because I'm not as cool as Claine's characters. If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn't and wouldn't. They're all great. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MissPixie

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