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I've talked about how great Claine is in an earlier kudos, as well as her amazing art talent...But now I want to sing praises about her characters! It's not often that I come across someone's roster where I see so many characters and wish I was as cool as so many of them! I get giddy when any of her chars pop up on my feed with new art and then I sit there, envious because I'm not as cool as Claine's characters. If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn't and wouldn't. They're all great. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MissPixie
I met Claine one random night in the "Just Talkin' :)" Chat, and I am VERY HAPPY that I did! We started talking about tumblr I believe, and it let me to notice all of her diverse cast of characters that she has! Not to mention, her art style is very unique, and makes me wish that I could commission her! - SummerNights

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