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  • This group is for discussing the rebuild of RPR.

    What's this all about?
    Some of the code that RPR runs on is now nine years old, and was written by Baby Programmer Kim who Didn't Know Any Better. Much of it is written in an old version of PHP, pieces of which will soon be "deprecated" (be shut off in favor of newer things.)

    I've known for some years that eventually, eventually, I'd have to find some way to rebuild as much of that code base as possible, to restructure, to modernize, to breathe new life into it -- either because of "code rot" or because the things we needed were just too grand and exciting for the old foundation to support. I've done what I could here and there. But the real plunge? I've been so scared of doing it. Fam, this site is HUGE, it is bursting with features. Rewriting the bulk of it makes me quake in my boots.

    But the things you want most, the bugs that still linger, the ideas that I have that I barely dare dream of... It's time. We need it. The RPR needs to be rebuilt on a more modern codebase. We could have cross-platform notifications, better chat, soooo muchhhhh deeeeeeper customization and easier management for characters and groups alike, even APIs -- and Epic Week games beyond my wildest imaginations.

    This is Operation Audacious Phoenix -- the rebuilding and modernization of the RP Repository into a glorious new version.
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