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I recently logged on to rpr and discovered something on my feed that upset me a little, disappointed really. Truth is it's not for a really good reason, it's not against rpr rules it's not in any way offensive it's simply a personal thing I noticed that I kind of rather I didn't:/

Anyway, so as not to derail the train from the start.....

I was looking for a way to remove that feed notification (on a mobile device btw) and was not able to find it. I certainly dont want to unfollow the individual who originated the post, and in my experience that doesn't actually remove the current feed notifications anyway.

I feel like this idea was suggested before, and I even feel like the idea was suggested in this group even, but I am curious if a simple 'X' in the corner or something could allow us to simply dismiss certain things we aren't interested in seeing on our feed? I'm sure an approval message would be necessary to prevent mistakes but it could also help some of us clean up feeds at times also.

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It is not at all possible under the current system, but since we're rebuilding from the ground up, it should be possible under the new system :)

BTW - to clear someone's feed notifications after unfollowing them, clear your notifications cache.
I support this too.
Also support this! Sometimes I just wanna clear out some of the old notifications, but keep others, and it's for various reasons. Sometimes just to cut back on clutter, or rid myself of something similar to what Voldarian experienced.
Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Kim wrote:
Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat