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Part way through groups, already lots of new features...

Posted by Kim October 28th 2019, 3:44pm
I am FULL STEAM AHEAD on rebuilding groups. I'm still deep in this process, and have a fairly daunting amount to go. Honestly, I'm freaking out.

Still, steady progress is being made. Here's a list of new features that have been created for groups so far:
  • Announcements can be saved as drafts
  • Announcements can be scheduled for future auto-publication at a time of your choosing
  • Made announcement button available directly on announcement page for those who have that ability in the group
  • Group Forums can be organized using category titles
  • Group Forums can also be nested within each other, for sub-forums of your main group forums
  • Group treasuries can now be set to be accessible to ALL group members, for those groups who want to stockpile resources communally for some purpose (I'm looking at you, Epic Armory!)
  • Group forum limit has been very tentatively lifted from 20 to 30
  • Group events can now have access permissions associated with them - for example, perhaps you want to put a meeting just for your group moderators on the calendar, that no one but your group mods will see.
  • Member list can be sorted in a variety of ways - Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest, A-Z, Z-A
  • Member join date can be seen in member list
  • Group permissions (for editing, member management, etc.) are now handled separately from the main member list for a cleaner experience
  • You can set a group to have open invites - all members of an open invite group can invite new members, instead of a select group of individually picked members being the only ones able to send invites.
  • Groups can now use Always/Never widgets
  • Groups now have Tagline widgets

I'm super excited about a lot of the things on this list!


Community Feedback

  1. MercyInReach

    October 29th 2019


    Yayy! You're doing such a good job! So proud!
  2. Rogue-Scribe

    October 29th 2019


  3. 8_Stars_8

    October 28th 2019


  4. BrandyCat

    October 28th 2019


    Hell yeah!! Nice work, Kim!
  5. Zelphyr

    October 28th 2019


    Aw yiss.
  6. nightmqre

    October 28th 2019


    You can do eit Kim! <3
  7. DorianM

    October 28th 2019


    Already it sounds like a tremendous improvement for the groups, so many more useful features! <3 Thank you, Kim, looking forward to 2.0 even more!!!
  8. MissPixie

    October 28th 2019


    Go, Kim, go!!! So many amazing things!! Can't wait to see them in action soooooooon!! <3 Nothing but love and admiration for you!
  9. DarkCrow

    October 28th 2019


    You got this! :D

  10. LakotaSiouxWarrior

    October 28th 2019


    Thanks for all you do for us. Also don't forget to take care of yourself🍺🍨🍵☕🍕🍿🌯🌮.

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