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I've been playing with the new Find RP tool and I like it! :) But the sheer number of groups seem to almost drown out the ads from the LFRP forum. Out out three searches, I got exactly one LFRP ad each time.

  • Weight the LFRP ads a little heavier in whatever randomization algorithm is being used so that they come up a little more often.
  • Weight groups lower that haven't had a post in the past 'X' weeks. (4 seems reasonable to me. I was finding some that haven't had a post in years)
  • Add 'include groups' as a search filter

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Yeah this is a very weird after effect! It shouldn't really be showing you dead groups, but part of what is happening here is that due to the conversion process, the groups think they've all been updated in the last week. >.> It'll naturally fix itself over time to only (actually) active groups.

I've had a few requests for being able to toggle between groups and topics, and that'll probably be coming along eventually. :)
If I recall correctly, what gets shown in the LFRP tool is based on activity - since beta is pretty dead due to there only being a handful of people, I imagine the pool of available LFRP threads is getting smaller every day beta is up.

I do wish there was a way to completely filter out groups when using the Find RP tool though. They're usually not relevant to me since I focus primarily on private 1x1 RPs but I can't seem to avoid them taking up space where I could get more LFRP ads.
Looks like Kim ninjad me. XD
Ah! That makes sense about the 'dead' groups. :)

(Though I'll still add my +1 vote to the option to toggle between groups and LFRP ads ... eventually!)
Yeah; it's an important one but at this point I am just absolutely tunnel-visioned on getting ready for launch ASAP, which means making sure all existing features are done first. :)
Just closing this out, as we do indeed have the ability to toggle between LFRP and Groups now :)