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What will be included at launch?

Posted by Kim December 2nd 2019, 2:09pm
I just announced a fairly aggressive goal for transitioning the site to 2.0 next week.

I wanted to say a little more in this group, since your following this group means you have a keener interest in progress than the casual observer.

What will and won't be included at launch?

AN EPIC BUTT TON of new features and upgrades are included!

But you'll notice that not everything in the Planned Features forum is marked as "complete" as of today. This will still be true at launch. I'll be continuing to work on upgrading the site well after launch - in fact, I'll ALWAYS be working on updating and upgrading it, as has been true for the last ten years. ;)

Still, as we are now approaching the point where all features that exist on 1.0 are either as-is on 2.0, or upgraded, sometimes significantly -- it feels like a logical time to make the switch. Much like when doing art, you're never truly "done" - just at some point you decide to take the plunge and release it.

Will there be bugs? Of course there will. But, there are a lot of bugs in the current version of the site, too (and 2.0 addresses a ton of those), so that part will not be so different. Transitioning will mean that updates and bug fixes can flow out to everyone again, and I know some have been waiting a full year to see reported issues/wish list items addressed. Bottom line for me is, we'll be seeing a net positive from making the switch.

And, just on a selfish note, I'm sooooooooo ready to only be maintaining one site again. ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support through this insanely intense process. I just absolutely love you all.

Community Feedback

  1. Jondrette-Girl

    December 8th 2019


    Reading this announcement has made a day of chronic low stamina and pain much much brighter. ♥️♥️♥️
  2. Hades_

    December 3rd 2019


    Thank you for all your hard work, Kim. You're doing absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to see what the transition is going to be like.
  3. Thylonicus

    December 2nd 2019


    Thanks, Kim, for everything, and wanting to deal with only one site is hardly selfish. Hopefully the switch goes through painlessly and you really can focus on just the one. :)
  4. Siduri

    December 2nd 2019


    Hype hype hype

    Thanks for working so hard on all of this!
  5. Marie

    December 2nd 2019


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!!! I'm so mad I didn't realize your birthday was today >:^( We'll make up for it. Can't wait to see the new site and for you to get yourself a BREAK!
  6. Rogue-Scribe

    December 2nd 2019


    You are a rockstar Kim!
    Happy Birthday Agsin!
  7. Kruhee

    December 2nd 2019


    Thanks for all your hard work, Kim!! It means so much to everyone on RPR and it has been amazing how much you have managed to do!! <3
  8. Mipps

    December 2nd 2019


    You the best Kim. I certainly appreciate all the hard work since RPR is my home at home (and sometimes away from home)
  9. MercyInReach

    December 2nd 2019


    We love you more!!
  10. MissPixie

    December 2nd 2019


    Thanks, Kim for all your hard work and patience in working through everything! :D

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