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Enter the Auroverse

  • Aurophia started with a distant land where the elements reigned and dragons ruled the sky and sea. Then, things became a little more crowded when mankind, their mages, and machines entered the fray. Soon after, distant aliens and sapient dinosaurs joined their ranks. Now, the Auroverse is a collection of any and all things mashed into this one big fantastical story.

    The world has hordes of undead amassing from ages long lost, and the dragon kingdoms that wage war against them. There are mages trying to survive on a plane where monsters and supernatural mafias go bump in the night, and the alien vagabonds that race against time to save their planets from a malicious intelligence. Incarnations of heaven and hell live alongside each other in imperfect harmony, while one realm over boasts a vast supercontinent where ancient titans block out the sun and the dinosaurs roam once again. All the while, horrific cosmic entities banished to the dark edge of existence watch it all unfold from the sky in their eldritch prisons.

    The Auroverse is a melting pot of adventure, fantasy, and science-fiction, and it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

    Will you be a part of it?

  • Where is the 'Verse?

    Everything that ever was and ever has been exists in one fixed point of space. Aurophia, the Twilight, Terra-Gaea, and everything in between are in their own universe and function like parallel dimensions right next to each other. Occasionally, these universes overlap, creating portals, stargates, and all manner of ways to travel between worlds. Some are naturally occurring. Others are man-made.

    Space travel does not exist here. Those that have perfected spacecraft find that they are inexplicably unable to leave or enter their solar system for some reason or another. Forces beyond their understanding are at play. If something lies past the distant stars, no one knows it. Instead, monsters and aliens come from parallel dimensions called realms.
  • What is the Premise?

    It was a day unlike any other. For centuries - no, millennia - the ever-expanding Ouros'i empire of Terra-Gaea have sought to add the realm of Aurophia to their garden of worlds, but to no avail. Some tried spacecraft. Others, teleportation. Each time, the result was always the same. Magic and technology simply did not mix - not until they discovered the Veil, that is.

    The year was 19XX in the Twilight. The Fall Equinox was in full swing, a sacred time where the Veil was especially thin, and both people and places had a tendency to fall through. This year, however, was different. The Ouros'i were prepared.

    Nothing short of their brightest scientists came together and created a magnificent machine made not only to warp the fabric of space-time, but to engineer it to their whims. The way they saw it, if the Veil was thin enough to allow people to fall into the Twilight, then why couldn't it allow passage to Aurophia as well?

    The date arrived. The machine turned on. A blinding light lit up the station like the grandest of stars, much to the wonder of alien eyes. Aurophia was finally open, but what began as a victory quickly ended in catastrophe. As it turned out, the Veil was sentient, and it did not appreciate being tampered with. The machine collapsed in on itself under the sheer weight of its power, sending a ripple across the multiverse.

    Rifts in time and space began popping up like wildfire. At first, only worlds that were within the immediate vicinity were affected. Humans and dinosaurs fell into the Twilight. Supernaturals began popping up on Aurophia. Dragons and anthropomorphic beasts wandered Terra-Gaea. The multiverse was in chaos.

    It didn't stop there. Soon after, others from more distant realms appeared. In response to this influx of travelers, the Ouros'i launched a refugee program designed to help stranded beings adjust to their new reality. Be that as it may, several questions still linger in the air. Is there a way back home? What other realms will be added to the multiverse? The Ouros'i may have succeeded, but at what cost? Whatever the answers, one thing is for certain...

    The story has only just begun.