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  • The Dragonlands is looking for players!

    We're a dream set in Furcadia's official canon, here are some tidbits about the setting:
    🔆 Anthro only (no humans, sorry!)
    🔆 Wildlife is made up of birds, reptiles, and fish
    🔆 Magic!
    🔆 A tumultuous political climate

    Our community is a small one but we're looking to grow and we're hoping to gain some interested players! New to Dragonlands or returning players are welcome, and anything in between of course! Although there are no humans allowed there are ton of interesting canon options to choose from, we're also very open to working with players to make sure their characters comfortably fit into the setting so if you're worried one of your alts might not fit in, no sweat!

    🔆 DISCORD 🔆

    DREAM LOCATION: Copy-paste into Furcadia & click: furc://thedragonlands


  • M16+
    Mature 16+ Environment

    "M" stands for Mature, and maps, pages, and channels that have this standard are suited only for adults and for teenagers who are at least sixteen years.

    - Players under the age of 16 are not allowed here, no exceptions are made.
    - Coarse language, mild sexual discussion, moderate violence, and mild adult themes may be encountered.
    - Extreme violence and sexual content is not allowed.

    For more information, please go here!