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Hey there! I'm AJ! I'm one of the moderators here on the RPR. My pronouns are They/She/He.

For personal preference and the safety of all involved, I will only RP with other adults. Thank you for understanding!


I am a 30-something cat mom to a precious black kitty named Senator Clove, and I relish any and every opportunity to share pictures of him. I am a disabled freelance artist working part time as my chronic illness allows. My hobbies include video games, writing, walking, planners, tarot, and worldbuilding. I play a whole lot of Final Fantasy XIV.

My characters are all marked anonymous in part because I value my privacy. I like to keep my IC and OOC separate.


There's a lot of really wonderful people in my life, so rather than list them here on my profile, I'll just say that those who are special to me know who they are.
Thank you for being a part of my life. ♡

Rave Reviews

AJ is an absolutely stunning artist who never fails to amaze and inspire me. I adore getting art from them whenever I can, and will do so until it's no longer an option. So, forever, hopefully. They are also incredibly kind, understanding and over all a joy to talk to and be in the company of. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Anonymous
Auberon is not only an amazing artist, but she has also been a great friend and a wonderful moderator. It fantastic working alongside her when I was on the team, and I’m so happy for all the years I’ve known her. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Copper_Dragon

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