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All characters and art on the right belong to me. You may NOT take/use/sell/recolor/reference under any circumstances!
Hello, I'm Mina! I've been kicking around this place for a while. You might know me from Furcadia, though I quit in 2019. I'm a wife, childfree, a dog mom, the world's oldest goth, a DC fan, a tarot reader, a set director, a psych nerd, a spooky baby & a very awesome lady. Yes, I'm tooting my own horn, the world needs more of that. Be full of yourself to overflowing, you'd be surprised just what a self-celebration can do for you. "Self love" is sometimes giving yourself the same love and encouragement you'd give to others, after all!

For details around art, roleplay & more, please consult the collapses below. Anyway, have a nice day. <3
Neurodivergent || She/Her || Queer

These days, my RP is mostly Discord relative but is closed to new participants just because I've been quite busy and can't say that I could offer anyone my fullest attention presently. When I am open, I do not roleplay with anyone under the age of 21, I'd prefer not to roleplay in anthro or canon settings, and I'm allergic to anime.

Where'd you go?

I got married, but also busier? Either way, I'm just a smidge hard to track down without the right timing. Usually, you can find me on Discord..though I'm not offering my discord information to anyone who doesn't share a discord community with me already!

I suck at replying sometimes, and I am doing my best to get better at it. However, It's worth noting that I'm neurodivergent and sometimes, social things slip through the cracks for me. I wouldn't normally mention this about myself, it's just that I'm trying honestly to be more accountable where that is concerned. It's not an excuse on my behalf, but a promise to improve upon a flaw.

About that it for sale/can i use it/npc it/use it as..?

Nothing listed on my rpr is currently for sale nor is any of it (character/story) available for usage/reference/etc. You're welcome to check out I adopts or my sale folders on toyhouse, which I'll furnish a link for upon request. If we have had storylines or collaboration in the past, of course, you may use my character for things..with my permission. If you NPC without said permission, it's a bit rude. :(

Rave Reviews

We don't roleplay anymore...but I still remember the brilliant posts filled with love and emotion and such great awesome detail. Mina will beat your expectations. She'll blow them out of the water. I still, even to this day, read every journal she ever posts on any character. Because I hunger for her writing. It's addicting to be honest. And I just hope that one day? My writing will look like hers. Not only this, but she has a great heart. An amazing heart. And a wonderful personality. - Michonne
The more I get to know her the more I am impressed by her fierce loyalty and compassion in things she does or writes. I cannot deny that I am absolutely floored she admires a person like me, because when I first clicked on Sadies page, I was admiring the writer already. And then to actually be considered the person to vent to, to talk was...truly a honorable moment for me. That she chose me, of all people to befriend. I <3 you. - Michonne

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