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31 | Femme | Married | Queer | Neurodivergent
Mina (noun) A well-intentioned, heavily perfumed swarm of bats. Occasionally takes a singular human form, though is most often reclusive.

Not currently accepting RP requests.

I'm Mina, I wear enormous goth boots and talk way too much about horror in all its flavors. All of my character profiles are under a bit of construction currently, so keep that in mind if someone is missing from the sidebar. Many of my best ideas are borne from playlists, and I find that I can't write without one!
How my brain do..
I'm neurodivergent, which was a recentish diagnosis. I'm working at things like time management, and executive function but nothing lasting is built in a day!

I also occasionally struggle with things like mental picture, or imagining..well, an image. I find that my imagination feels a great deal more like words, texts, colors, scents and (non word) sounds than it feels like distinct pictures. Even my thoughts feel like they come out of a typewriter while I'm thinking them. Due to this, you may notice frequent usage of reference images or infographics.

This is incredibly helpful for the way I think, because..well, usually those things have colors. I recognize that faceclaims don't appeal to everyone, and I respect your opinions. I cannot reject the concept though as I am ultimately more immersed if I can liken a human face to an entity.

Some special interests of mine are cosmic horror, performance, stand-up comedy, physicality in acting, sideshow, macabre history, vampires, color psychology, anthropology, scents, candles, cleaning, costuming, horror (movies, literature, television, art, photography, theories, cinematography, fx, writing, directing, acting, franchise, universe, standard.), goth fashion & history, punk history, neuroscience, theology, debate, politics, set building, mixology, country music & culture (I will ramble. I am passionate about my roots.), tattoos, ethics, dogs.

OH! I'm also, as stated above- A married adult! So, be respectful of both things.

Rave Reviews

You are an absolute angel. I have found such a kindred spirit in you in such a short time, it's truly mind blowing. I want for us what Brinn and Katie have: a laugh riot friendship that's got all the stuff in it to go the distance. I kick myself on the daily for not weaseling my way into your roleplay circle sooner. You can't really blame me for being intimidated though, my first impression of you was 100% accurate:you are an absolute powerhouse of a writer whose wit and humor know no bounds. - emroidz
Having been a long time friend of Mina's, I can assure anyone seeking roleplay from her to slide on up in that DM. Mina is a highly skilled creative writer with a love for polished sentence structure and intriguing plotline. Having spent a few years both writing and drawing inspiration from her as both a wordsmith and a friend; I am impressed at her growth and continually developing skill. You're a treat to write with, Mina! Thanks for these years of treasured friendship. - 13ee

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