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Ever spend your whole adolesence thinking that you're a Lydia, but you grow up to be Beetlejuice?

It's sort of like that.

I write troubled monster femmes and sometimes I paint things. I'm married, and I have enough friends to count on one hand.

Rave Reviews

I remember my first time roleplaying with Mina. I remember loving her character, her writing style, and her incredible ability to masterfully imbibe her posts with a magic that clearly defines the line between a character and an extraordinary creation. Mina's kindness is unparalleled in a community. She's warm, funny, selfless, and genuinely kind-hearted. At the party, she's the girl that keeps the fun going. I confess myself bitten by this werestripper alpha, and I'm proud to have her in SA. - cferretrun
Horrors is literally a joy to talk to. I love her character Sadie and have already glanced over her werewolf and human. She is creative to no end and is a super easy person to talk with. She truly seems to have a heart of gold. And has put a smile on my face several times. I can not wait to dive my characters in with hers and mingle some fun twisted plots. <3 - Nekomanics

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