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Ever spend your whole adolesence thinking that you're a Lydia, but you grow up to be Beetlejuice?

It's sort of like that.

I write troubled monster femmes and sometimes I paint things. I'm married, and I have enough friends to count on one hand.

Rave Reviews

A handful of pairs and four, five months later, I'm well beyond smitten. We are in our own little world, our corner of great big sandbox, and I love playing with Mina. Find myself staying up way too late to 'just one more post!', she gives me novels like no one else can, and we don't need jesus to take the wheel. The plots we drive towards and through steal my breath and make me Feel Things -- I'm so glad I get to have as much as a blast as I do on the daily. <3 Real Tears. - Vegas
Mina is a vibrant, funny person who is super fun to chat and collaborate with. Her personality is just the right amount of dark and depraved, her characters have strong personalities that always give you plenty to work with in RP, and her style of writing is smart and includes a lot of good ideas. 10/10 would recommend! - Sqd

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