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32 | Femme | Queer | Neurodivergent
A well-intentioned, heavily perfumed swarm of bats..

Goth Intro Playlist || My Toyhouse || Appalachian dialect
I wear enormous goth boots and talk too much about horror. I work in two Halloween-related fields all year round, AMA. Several other mean lesbians and trauma-addled monster girl characters exist/continue to exist but are in the draft phase / are on anon due to underdeveloped profiles. I do a great deal of development in RP and blank when it comes to fleshing out profiles.

I am not currently open to new RP partners, but I love to spin ideas and never mind being a brainstorming partner.

Some special interests of mine are gothic literature, performance, stand-up comedy, physicality in acting, sideshow, macabre history, vampires, color psychology, medical anomalies, anthropology, scents, tarot, candles, costuming, horror (movies, literature, television, art, photography, theories, cinematography, fx, writing, directing, acting, franchise, universe, standard.), goth fashion & history, punk history, neuroscience, theology, debate, politics, set building, mixology, country music & culture, tattoos, ethics, dogs.

I'm actively seeking an artist or two, for contact when I need a commission. Please send me your links and I will look them over! I admittedly can be choosy, but I would love to see what you make anyway!

Rave Reviews

Holy cow! For a while I have watched your characters from afar. Only too lucky to be drawn into your RP. From deep and completely serious and almost dark, to these lighthearted slice of life. You can do absolutely anything, and everything you ever set your mind to. You're so funny and creative. I love the amount of excitement you put into your plots. You're so dynamic and flexible and I'm so very grateful to you as a person. You drive me to be better, and your RP is so refreshing and vibrant. - Eskilador
500 characters is not enough for the love letter I want to write to Mina about all of her amazing and gorgeous characters. She's such a skilled writer, and she's so good at fully fleshing out her characters. They feel so alive! The designs are gorgeous, too, and I cannot overstate how fun it is to get to draw them when the opportunity arises. We don't write like we used to, but I hope to get the chance to tell some good stories again someday because damn my dudes. She's good at this! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Auberon

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