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About me

I am married to a beautiful man, and I'm happy. He also roleplays, in fact- we MET in New Versailles, isn't that cool!? He goes by HoundDog.

My ultimate muse, best friend, soul sibling is also someone I met through roleplay. Corvin is brilliant, and I'd do just about anything for him. <3

Rave Reviews

I've known this lady for a minute and left kudos for her before, but it bears repeating that she's a lovely individual. Disregard any haters because this kid is one of my favorite children. Her writing is beautiful, her characters diverse (though she keeps claiming the contrary), and she's just an engaging person. She's been a sympathetic ear when I've needed it, and our friendship is one I treasure. - Auberon
When I first met Mina I believed her to be secretive and distant. Along the way I learned more of her and began to understand her just as I hope she has understand me. Her characters are written in an authentic, believable way which never seems forced or cliche. More importantly, she's someone I trust and she's had my back when I needed it the most. I implore others to to see for yourself the extensive research she puts into each of her unique brainchildren. Thank you, for being a friend. - Belial

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