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Hello, I'm Mina! I've been kicking around this place for a while. You miiiight know me from Furcadia. There, I typically rambled around the Modern Supernatural dreams on a politics savvy ginger vampire by the name of Jay.

I'm also a baby moderator here on the RPR, and would be glad to help you with anything!

I'm 30, some shade of alphabet, a dog mom, and a wife. I do halloween as a job, I love d&d, and I really love myself some horror, goth, punky, monstery, angsty, tragic stuff.


These days, my RP is mostly Discord relative, but is closed to new participants just because I've been quite busy and can't say that I could offer anyone my fullest attention presently. When I am open, I do not roleplay with anyone under the age of 21, I'd prefer not to roleplay in anthro settings or canon settings, and I'm allergic to anime.

Where'd you go?

I got married, but also busier? Either way, I'm just a smidge hard to track down without the right timing. Usually you can find me on Discord..though I'm not offering my discord information to anyone who doesn't share a discord community with me already!

I really suck at replying sometimes, and I am doing my best to get better at it. However, It's worth noting that I'm neurodiverse and sometimes, social things slip through the cracks for me. I wouldn't normally mention this about myself, it's just that I'm trying honestly to be more accountable where that is concerned. It's not an excuse on my behalf, but a promise to improve upon a flaw.

About that it for sale/can i use it/npc it/use it as..?

Nothing listed on my rpr is currently for sale nor is any of it (character/story) available for usage/reference/etc . You're welcome to check out my adopts or my sale folders on toyhouse, which I'll furnish a link for upon request. If we have had storylines or collaboration in the past, of course you may use my character for things..with my permission. If you NPC without said permission, its a bit rude. :(

Rave Reviews

Now I can say I've rped with Mina, and I'm SO freaking happy I do! She's fun and goofy without making it unrealistic ICly, and our characters were MADE for each other (bad puns, cough) but I'm so glad to have another spooky-goth babe to heartthrob over, she's a fangbanger I'll do my best to keep around. :') - konnie
There she is. The girl who gives love, hope and support to everyone as much as she can. She may not be up in your face friendly, she may be slightly jaded...but she has proven to me that I am something, and I am trust worthy. Not by her inspirational words, but by her actions that speak more volumes then she could ever write. We may not be as close as we used to be...but I know without a doubt. I wouldn't be who I am today, if it wasn't for her. Thank you for all you've done. - Michonne

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